HiPower Seal: Unleash
Uncompromising Surface Protection

Durable, Water-Resistant, Hydrophobic, Eco-Friendly

HiPower Seal: The Uncompromising Solution for Surface Protection

Protecting vertical and horizontal hard surfaces from the elements and over time can be a constant battle. Water intrusion leads to decay, rot, stains, and costly repairs, and organic growth like moss and bacteria thrives, eroding beauty, functionality and structural integrity. But what if there was a single solution, powerful enough to stand against the forces of nature and shield hard surfaces for years to come?

HiPower Seal, the next generation of AggreBind technology, is that solution. This concentrated formula harnesses the power of AggreBind’s patented long-string cross-linking copolymer to create an unparalleled protective and hydrophobic barrier. It’s like an invisible fortress for your surfaces, repelling water, resisting rot and decay, and inhibiting organic growth.

HiPower Seal has been used by our engineers and clients as a resistant and protective hydrophobic barrier on exterior walls and fences, as a repellent surface seal applied to finished concrete and as a resistant layer on our RoadMaster road bases where a natural finish is preferred.  Now, having been recognised as a strong standalone product, its versatility knows no bounds. From busy streets to residential walls, floors, and roofs, to evaporation ponds and fountains, it delivers unwavering protection.

Imagine brick facades impervious to rain and mold, wooden decks resistant to rain and defying the sun’s harsh rays, concrete slabs on roofs and pads resisting the ingress of water and metal roofs shedding snow with effortless grace. HiPower Seal empowers you to say goodbye to frequent repairs and maintenance headaches, saving you time and money both up front, and over time.

If you value durability and sustainability, demand high-performance protection, and just wanting things looking good,
HiPower Seal is your answer. Dive deeper and discover how this revolutionary technology can safeguard your valuable investments and redefine the future of surface protection.

Weather Warped and Timeworn Concrete, Timber and Metal Features?

HiPower Seal tackles industry’s toughest challenges, standing its ground, season after season, year after year.

Unsealed cement blocks and bricks

Strength in the Sun

Ruthless UV rays fade colors and weaken materials. AggreBind’s patented technology forms a protective barrier that prevents the sun’s rays from penetrating and degrading surfaces. The result is a preserved aesthetic that not only retains the natural beauty of outdoor elements but also extends their lifespan. Redefine durability and longevity and ensure your outdoor treasures stand the test of time.

Damage concrete wall due to water ingress causing rusting

Durability for Outdoor Surfaces

For metal, tile, timber, block or brick, concrete, or precious artworks, HiPower Seal acts as a shield against the elements and extending lifespan. It’s water-resistant / hydrophobic properties creates an impermeable barrier, preventing drying out and cracking caused by exposure, freezing temperature or snow accumulation. It eliminates the risks of rot, decay, mold, and bacteria growth, maintaining a temperature-neutral profile by not reacting to excess heat.

Cement rendered rock bench

High Temperatures

Unlike traditional materials, AggreBind’s functionality is from -57°C to +165°C, so when applied it will not crack when temperatures are below freezing, and it will not melt when temperatures are above 45°C. The use of HiPower Sealis only limited by your imagination.

Indoor waterfall treated with HiPower Seal

Minimize Maintenance

HiPower Seal’s long-lasting protection eliminates the need for regular upkeep and repeated applications, delivering significant cost savings over time. Not only does HiPower Seal boast an affordable upfront product cost compared to other market alternatives for protecting timber, metal and most other surfaces, but its enduring effectiveness ensures ongoing savings by sparing the expense of frequent reapplications. Reduced labor-intensive maintenance tasks and years of exceptional protection, make HiPower Seal the smart choice for construction projects, both large and small.

Worn stone pavers

Health and Safety

Due to its hydrophobic properties, HiPower Seal acts as a formidable defence, repelling water and inhibiting bacteria and algae growth on surfaces. This not only reduces the risk of slips and falls, particularly on slick algae-coated surfaces but also safeguards the health of workers and residents. By preventing mold and mildew growth, HiPower Seal contributes to a healthier environment, prioritizing not only strength and durability but also the well-being of workers and the community.

Beyond the Obvious: Hidden Benefits of HiPower Seal

Construction crews, prepare to be astonished! HiPower Seal’s advantages extend far beyond simply shielding surfaces. Buckle up, because these hidden gems will revolutionize your approach to roof and building protection:

Cost Savings

Contrary to what you might expect, HiPower Seal is an affordable alternative for sealing many types of surfaces. AggreBind’s patented formula is a long-lasting application outperforming multiple re-applications of alternatives, significantly reducing maintenance costs and labor expenses.

Green Construction

Tough against the elements yet gentle on the planet.  AggreBind is non-toxic, non-hazardous,
non-polluting and non-leaching. Minimal environmental impact with maximum performance. It has water-resistant, heat-resistant, long-lasting, and contributes to lower resource consumption.


It is easy to use and quick to apply; spray, roll or brush on. Its durable “set it and forget it” implementation means fewer repairs and maintenance needs, freeing crews to focus on what truly matters: protection, building and beautifying. HiPower Seal is the key to efficient projects and maximized productivity.


A company’s reputation is its most valuable asset. HiPower Seal cultivates lasting client satisfaction and builds a legacy of excellence. Its unparalleled durability and long-term protection translate to worry-free finishes and surfaces that stand the test of time. Delighting clients with vibrant, water-resistant surfaces that require minimal maintenance – a testament to your commitment to quality and sustainability.

Unleashing HiPower Seal’s Versatility: Protecting Most Anything Rain or Shine

HiPower Seal is a superhero for practically any hard surface facing the wrath of the elements. It is a powerful solution that repels water, shields against rot and decay, and inhibits the health and safety concerns of mold and vegetation growth.

Embrace a world where protection meets beauty,
and where time becomes your ally, not your enemy.

Boundaries & Entrances

• Boundary walls
• Fences
• Entrance signage
• Colourbond fencing
• Decorative rock walls
• Brick archways

Mining & Construction

• Tunnel spalling
• Tunnel flaking
• Airshaft flaking
• Exposed metals
• Water infiltration
• Exposed cement

Property Development

• Water splashback
• Exposed timber
• Colourbond roofs
• Steel roofs
• Tile roofs
• Slate roofs
• Water Penetration

Water Features

• Fountains
• Water displays
• Drainage ditches
• Stream courses
• Waterfalls
• Ponds

Flooring & Pathways

• Pavers
• Cement flooring
• Flagstones
• Decks
• Balconies
• Landmarks

Water Containment

• Brine ponds
• Evaporation ponds
• Tailings ponds
• Wastewater treatment
• Irrigation ponds
• Stormwater harvesting


• Shrimp farming
• Hydroponics
• Aquaculture
• Fish farming
• Reservoir Water Storage
• Dams
• Irrigation canals


• Outdoor paintings
• Murals
• Sculpture
• Metal wall features
• Timber screens
• Outdoor timbers
• Playground equipment

HiPower Seal’s versatility knows no bounds, and its commitment to durability and environmental friendliness makes it
a champion for both construction and sustainability.

Applying HiPower Seal:
Simple Tools, Powerful Results

HiPower Seal delivers big results, with simple application. For large jobs like roads and airstrips, a water truck does the heavy lifting. For smaller projects, a spray gun, water back pack, paintbrush, or roller is all that’s needed. No complex procedures, no special equipment, just straightforward application for long-lasting results. Unleash the power of HiPower Seal in your next project.

HiPower Seal logo

HiPower Seal in Action: Witness the Transformation

Whether applied with a brush, roller, hose or water tanker, HiPower Seal’s versatility can be viewed in our project videos below.

HiPower Seal – The Smarter Choice for surface seal

1:49 – HiPower Seal commences. USA slag project.

1:50 – HiPower Seal commences. India housing dev.

1:25 – HiPower Seal commences. Australian road

2:50 – HiPower Seal commences. Brazil agricultural road

HiPower Seal FAQs: Your Questions Answered

What color is HiPower Seal?

HiPower Seal dries with a clear finish and takes on the surface color that it is added to.  For dirt roads, if a natural look is desired, it can be applied as is.

Can HiPower Seal be colored as a top seal for a road?

Yes.  Color can be added to the HiPower Seal mix to create a black or other colored surfaces.

What kind of surfaces can you use HiPower Seal on?

HiPower Seal can be used on any hard surface to protect and preserve from wear and tear, and the elements.

How does HiPower Seal protect a surface from the weather?

HiPower Seal utilizes AggreBind’s patented technology in a concentrated form tha tis diluted before application and when applied it is hydrophobic and long lasting, sealing the surface from damaging sun, snow and water.

What kind of hard surfaces can you use HiPower Seal?

Any hard surface that faces wear and tear or exposure, can be protect and preserved with HiPower Seal including outdoor artwork and murals, timber structures, cement buildings and walls, roofs, exposed metals, drainage ditches, decorative rock walls, fountains, playground equipment, decks and so much more.  

Can HiPower Seal be used on roofs?

Yes.  Roofs by their nature face exposure and damage from the extremes of weather, including dried and cracked tiles, cracked or spalling concrete, peeling paint, rotting, mold and vegetation growth. HiPower Seal can be applied by spray, roller or paintbrush to provide a hydrophobic layer that repels sun, rain and snow.

How often do you need to reapply HiPower Seal on outdoor surfaces?

HiPower Seal is long lasting and can last many years on a single application.

What precautions are needed when working with HiPower Seal?

HiPower Seal is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-polluting. 

Crack cement wall
Asphalt road and concrete guttering

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