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Advancing Sustainable Construction Practices With AggreBind

AggreBind is the innovator in solutions for soil stabilization, dust suppression, and construction projects. Our range of patented copolymer binders is tailored to meet the diverse challenges encountered in construction projects globally across renewables, mining, commercial development, agriculture and more. With a focus on sustainability and performance, AggreBind products offer versatile solutions that transform unstable soils into strong and durable foundations capable of withstanding heavy use and adverse environmental conditions.

Our commitment lies in harnessing science and technology to enhance construction efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Through our proprietary formulations, we aim to mitigate dust emissions, decrease water usage, reduce material waste, and provide a low cost alternative, thereby contributing to a more sustainable construction industry.

At AggreBind, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional construction methods, providing durable, eco-friendly solutions that redefine infrastructure development. Explore our range of products and discover how our innovative approach is shaping the future of construction and environmental responsibility.

AggreBind is a sustainable, strong, water-resistant and a low-cost choice for your large or small construction project.

Projects using RoadMaster base with asphalt wearing layer seal

The Science Behind AggreBind

AggreBind is a unique, patented long-string cross-linking copolymer technology created for soil stabilization applications. It establishes a network of interconnecting bonds between soil particles coated with AggreBind, creating a strong and durable matrix. The AggreBind copolymer is made up of extended chains of interconnected molecular units that cross-link and bind with each other and with the soil particles through the process of polymerization. This process significantly enhances soil stability, bolsters load-bearing capacity, and minimizes dust and erosion.

AggreBind’s Solution Range and Applications

A RoadMaster project showing water track dispersing RoadMaster into graded soil<br />


RoadMaster is an environmentally sound soil stabilization product that offers a cost-effective solution for road construction and maintenance, and an alternative base for construction projects including walkways, bike paths, footpaths, driveways and foundations for sheds. RoadMaster enhances road quality while minimizing its environmental footprint, reducing dust and erosion, simultaneously increasing load-bearing capacity by 400% to 600%.

HighPower seal used as wearing layer on completed AggreBind road project<br />

HiPower Seal

HiPower Seal has a variety of uses. It was created originally to be used for road implementations, as the sealing and wearing layer for the road, on the RoadMaster base. Due to its strong, resilient and hydrophobic properties it has gained recognition as a standalone product for porous surfaces such as cement walls and bricks, metal roofs and clay roof tiles, as well as timber, to give a protective coat from the elements, discouraging plant and bacterial growth.

Worker spraying AggreDust with hose to cover coal and tailings to combat dust


AggreDust is a highly effective, non-toxic dust suppressant designed to combat dust and erosion on slopes and unpaved surfaces. It has many applications in mining and construction sites, temporary roadways, shoulders, and agricultural. In the renewables sector AggreDust is used to keep solar panels free of dust to optimise efficiency, and for internal roads on wind farms. AggreDust curbs dust and minimizes erosion.

Pile of soil stabilized block and pavers for housing using AggreBloc


By harnessing the power of stabilized soil, AggreBloc is used to manufacture robust compressed-earth blocks, bricks and pavers, ideal for a wide range of construction projects, big and small with low-cost building options. The blocks, bricks, and pavers are produced with exceptional speed, locality, and cost efficiency, making AggreBloc versatile and dependable. enhancing structural integrity and streamlining the construction process, through strength, efficiency, and innovation.

High touch areas on transport coated with AggreCoat Silver

AggreCoat Silver

AggreCoat Silver is a breakthrough ionic silver surface sealer used to create a clear antimicrobial coating for any hard surface, adding a thin, clear and protective, water resistant coating against harmful micro-organisms. Used for commercial, industrial, government and institutional work, medical, educational areas, travel, food service, retail, residential and more. AggreCoat Silver can be applied using a roller, paint brush or spray and is long lasting.

Pre cast concrete project using AggreCrete mixed wear concrete<br />


AggreCrete is an innovative additive formulated for cement in concrete production. Developed using AggreBind’s proprietary long-string cross-linking copolymer technology, it has demonstrated the capability to augment the strength, endurance, and hydrophobic attributes of the resulting concrete. In addition to enhancing concrete durability and strength by binding with cement, AggreCrete can also reduce the cement quantity needed, thereby optimizing project cost-efficiency.

AggreBind Soil Stabilization Videos

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Common Questions (FAQs) About AggreBind Products

Environmental Impact and Eco-friendly Assessment of AggreBind

Yes, AggreBind is an environmentally friendly solution for soil stabilization. AggreBind is made from non-toxic materials that do not harm the environment or wildlife.

Unlike traditional soil stabilizers, AggreBind does not release harmful chemicals or heavy metals into the soil or waterways. It is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-polluting and does not require any special handling or storage precautions.

AggreBind is a sustainable solution for soil stabilization, as it helps to reduce soil erosion and improve soil quality without damaging the environment. It is also a cost-effective alternative to traditional stabilizers, as it requires less material and labour, and can be easily applied with existing equipment in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.

Application of AggreBind in Construction Projects

AggreBind can be used in a wide range of construction. Here are some common applications of AggreBind in construction:

  • Road construction including road bases, shoulders, and embankments.
  • Landscaping by using stabilized soil to create blocks and pavers for garden beds, retaining walls, and walkways.
  • Parking lots and driveways.
  • Site rehabilitation, temporary roads and dust control to improve worker health and safety onsite.
  • Landfills, slope stabilization and capping tailings to reduce the risk of soil erosion and ambient dust, and to improve the safety of the site.
Where to Purchase AggreBind

AggreBind is available for purchase directly from the manufacturer, or through authorized independent distributors and dealers. Visit the contact page on our website and we will connect you directly to our closest team member to understand your project, provide project support and pricing.

AggreBind is the only long-string cross-linking copolymer for soil stabilization. We recommend that you only buy from our authorized independent team so that you receive the implementation and technical support and training you need to have the optimum quality outcome you want.

AggreBind Pricing and Project Analysis

The cost of AggreBind can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and the location of the project, as well as the specific application needed for your desired outcome. AggreBind is a cost-effective solution due to many factors including reduced need for importing aggregate to the jobsite, and reduced labour due to shorter implementation times and ease of installation process.

To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific project, we recommend you contact us and one of our distributors will contact you to understand the dimensions and project specifics, to provide you with a quote.

If you would like to access our product quantity calculator, you can download it [here] for free

Test reports and Testimonials to Demonstrate the Effectiveness of AggreBind Projects

For specific projects, our team will share many case studies and testimonials demonstrating the effectiveness of AggreBind for soil stabilization and other applications. These case studies and testimonials provide ‘real-world’ examples of how AggreBind has been used to solve client challenges and improve performance and longevity in the various projects.

Unsealed muddy road
Grader preparing the road for RoadMaster project

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Grader used for AggreBind projects