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The construction landscape is fierce. Tight budgets, demanding timelines, and ever-growing pressure from project owners leave contractors scrambling to balance cost, safety, and environmental impact. Conventional materials often fall short, adding strain to budgets with frequent repairs and replacements, jeopardizing worker health with hazardous dust and fumes, and leaving a lasting mark on the environment through harmful chemicals and excessive dust pollution.

AggreBind aligns with the global efforts of Sustainable Development Goals, supporting the construction industry’s critical role in promoting economic growth, creating sustainable cities and communities, by prioritizing environmental responsibility, cost-effectiveness, and improved health and safety.  Together with AggreBind, construction firms can achieve a more sustainable and prosperous future for both the industry at large, and the communities we serve.

AggreBind’s technology offers a replicable, sustainable and environmentally friendly model for the construction industry to lower their carbon footprint, reduce environmental impact and reduce costs through construction.

AggreBind car park project

Roads, Road Bases & Car Parks

Paving the way for a sustainable future, AggreBind’s patented technology transforms weak unstable soils into durable and strong roads and road bases.

AggreBind runway project in Guatemala

Soil Stabilized

AggreBind stabilizes existing materials, creating strong, durable and low maintenance runways with minimal environmental impact.


Temporary road using AggreBind RoadMaster


A topical treatment of AggreBind transforms dirt tracks into temporary roads and car or truck parks, minimizing dust and erosion and protecting the environment.

Soil stabilized road using AggreBind RoadMaster


Long lasting dust control with a single application throughout construction, effective slope control and moisture retention to foster revegetation.

Repurposing waste slag


Waste materials including wastewater can be combined with onsite soils and AggreBind to make roads, car parks, storage areas and more.

AggreBind’s patented technology offers significant advantages for the construction industry, helping to build a stronger, more sustainable future

Cost-effectiveness Reduced Material Needs

AggreBind stabilizes existing on-site materials, eliminating the need for expensive imported aggregates like gravel and crushed rock. This translates into significant cost savings on materials and transportation.

Lower Maintenance Costs

AggreBind’s superior binding properties create long-lasting, durable surfaces that require less frequent maintenance compared to traditional methods, reducing long-term expenses for repairs and upkeep.

Faster Project Completion

AggreBind’s quick curing times allow for faster project completion, minimizing labor costs and equipment downtime, especially beneficial for tight deadlines and budget constraints; making your project more profitable.

AggreBind creates sturdier, longer-lasting materials that require less maintenance over time, reducing costs throughout the project lifecycle.

Worker Health & Safety

Dust Control

AggreBind effectively binds soil particles, significantly reducing dust generation during construction, creating a safer and healthier work environment for workers while minimizing dust pollution in surrounding communities and agriculture.

Reduced Onboarding

AggreBind’s user-friendly implementation and non-toxic, non-hazardous chemistry enables new hires and experienced crew to ramp up faster while minimizing risk, translating to efficient projects, safer crews and better bottom-line results.

Non-toxic, Non-polluting and Safe

AggreBind is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-polluting, eliminating concerns about harmful chemicals or fumes during application, ensuring a safer working environment for construction crew and minimizing potential health risks for the surrounding community.

Unions and employment groups’ pressures can be managed with AggreBind: putting worker safety first.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By minimizing the need for imported materials and transportation, AggreBind contributes to a lower carbon footprint for construction projects, aligning with efforts to reduce industry emissions.

Soil Conservation

AggreBind binds existing soil particles, preventing erosion and protecting valuable topsoil from being washed away, maintaining healthy ecosystems and biodiversity through sustainable land management practices.

Resource Efficiency

AggreBind utilizes readily available on-site materials and soils, promoting responsible resource consumption and minimizing the environmental impact associated with extracting and transporting virgin materials.

Minimize dust generation and chemical use with AggreBind and leave a legacy, not a scar.

Building Stronger Communities

Sustainable Infrastructure

AggreBind creates long-lasting, durable solutions that require less maintenance, can be implemented in a fraction of the time of conventional methods and have a longer lifespan, lowering costs to communities and minimizing the need for disrupting construction repairs.

Community Well-being

Through cleaner air, dust control, and a safer work environment, AggreBind supports the construction industry to deliver sustainable solutions to the communities where they serve.

Foster long term sustainability and
thriving communities with AggreBind.

Building strong communities requires sustainable solutions. From roads and car parks to minimizing environmental impact, and repurposing waste, AggreBind partners with the construction industry to create a lasting legacy.

 Choose AggreBind and build a brighter future, one project at a time.

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