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Sustainable, and more Efficient Soil Stabilization for
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Building Sustainable Commercial and Real Estate
Development Projects with AggreBind

The commercial and real estate development industry is constantly evolving.  It faces a dual challenge to meet growing demand, while upholding environmental responsibility. AggreBind empowers developers with product solutions that enable planned developments to successfully navigate a balance of quality construction, environmental compliance, with worker and community health.

AggreBind’s patented long-string, cross-linking technology provides a non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-polluting, soil stabilization solution that has a multitude of applications throughout the development process, from initial land and moisture management to final construction stages. With AggreBind, developers can:

  • Minimize environmental impact and contribute to sustainable development practices.
  • Enhance project efficiency and overcome common challenges associated with dust, soil, and moisture management.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and meet environmental regulations while demonstrating a commitment to responsible development.
  • Build a reputation of quality and eco-friendly development that prioritizes surrounding communities and land.

AggreBind goes beyond simply stabilizing soil. We provide developers with the tools and support needed to build a sustainable future, one project at a time.

AggreBind solutions for every stage of your development project

Equipment used during AggreBind project

Land Clearing and
Construction Dust

Traditional methods like water trucks offer temporary relief, requiring frequent reapplication, especially in windy and dry conditions, and can be inefficient, time-consuming, and costly. AggreBind’s AggreDust provides a single application surface soil stabilization. A one-time treatment that effectively binds and suppresses dust particles, minimizing their dispersion throughout construction; creating a safer, healthier environment for workers and surrounding communities, reducing water consumption and costs.

Soil stabilization project using AggreBind RoadMaster

Development and
Residential Roads

Conventional road building can involve extensive excavation, imported aggregates and lengthy construction times. AggreBind’s RoadMaster uses in-situ soils to create a strong and durable road base, minimizing environmental and community impact. Developers benefit from reduced project timelines and minimized community disruption. As the stabilized base is water-resistant / hydrophobic, a RoadMaster road base provides long-lasting performance and reduced maintenance costs over time, by preventing water ingress, the leading cause of road deterioration.

Water tanker dispersing AggreBind solution

Bicycle Paths, Walkways and
Mobility Pathways

A network of bicycle paths, walkways, and mobility paths within a commercial and residential development, enhances accessibility and fosters a healthy, active community. AggreBind RoadMaster creates a stable and durable base for mobility paths and walkways, ensuring a smooth, safe, and low-maintenance experience for users. RoadMaster’s water resistant/hydrophobic properties prevent expansion and contraction due to weather changes and eliminate the need for spacers and expansion joints, giving a consistently smooth and even surface for a safe and comfortable experience.

AggreBind RoadMaster project in Nigeria

Sidewalks and Footpaths
Built to Last

Safe and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks connect communities and promote healthy living. Conventional sidewalk construction faces uneven surfaces, cracking, and frequent repairs. AggreBind creates a solid and level base, its water-resistant/hydrophobic properties eliminate the need for expansion joints and ensures consistently smooth and safe walking surfaces. AggreBind can be used with molds to create shapes and configurations to integrate with infrastructure including gutters, drainage and other features. Eco-friendly, long-lasting sidewalks that contribute to a sustainable and connected community.

Revegetation and Moisture Management

Revegetation and Moisture

Revegetation after construction is critical for building communities and fostering biodiversity. AggreBind’s AggreDust stabilizes soils, prevents erosion and provides moisture retention by creating a protective surface layer, minimizing dust movement and allowing seedlings to grow. Retaining moisture creates a favorable environment for seed germination and plant growth; crucial when seedlings are most vulnerable. AggreBind is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-polluting, and non-leaching and does not impact soil chemistry. It contributes to biodiversity, enhanced air quality, and supports a sustainable and resilient community.

Stabilization of water runoff pond

Stabilizing Water
Run-off Ponds

Effective water runoff management is crucial for development projects, for erosion and environmental compliance. AggreBind’s water resistant/hydrophobic technology prevents infiltration into underlying soils for efficient water containment and minimizes ground pollution. Where intended, it can prevent the growth of vegetation on stabilized areas, simplifying maintenance and ensuring long-term visual appeal. AggreBind is used to create a solid and stable base for ponds; stabilizing the base, banks, and culverts, eliminating the need for blankets or geomembranes; offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for development projects.

Building sustainably doesn’t mean sacrificing efficiency or quality.
With AggreBind you will streamline processes, minimize environmental impact, and build quality,
long-lasting and healthy communities.

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