Blog: 3 Keys to Successful Alternative Road Construction

Published Date February 7, 2023

AggreDust sample in handOne of my greatest joys as a builder of roads worldwide is going into a new country, municipality, or village and sharing the know-how on alternative road or road base construction. We can build roads and stop fugitive dust through stabilizing soil almost anywhere without scientific equipment, and have spent over two decades perfecting successful installation methods. Now, we’ve broken down the process into an easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy methodology to make it available to everyone, regardless of the size of your project.

Where we start.

There are three things we do with all clients to ensure you achieve the outcome that you want and need, for your project:

1.   Know what you want and the ‘true reason’ for the road so that you address that in your project. An AggreBind installation will typically come out at 40-60% cheaper than most alternatives and be completed in a fraction of the time, however it is not always going to be time and money that are the most critical factors for the job. For example, it could be the health issues of your workers relating to dust control. It could be to protect a natural area nearby or something completely different. This is important to know first and let our team know, so we can make recommendations for you to get the desired outcome.

CEO Onsite project visit2.   Do a sample test. When you are implementing, you will order in totes of AggreBind, which come in approximately 1000L per tote. However, we sell other quantities so that you can test the product for your project. For large projects, we recommend buying two or three totes first and for smaller projects, a 20L pail or 230L drum might be a good sample size. This way you can choose a patch and trial the product, train your team to ensure a better-quality result, and have the opportunity to trust and see the product before making a significant investment.

3. Get a soil analysis done at your local geotechnical laboratory. AggreBind’s unique and proprietary cross-linking copolymer works by fully binding the particles together to stabilize the in-situ soil or soil product. To do that, they require the right amount of fines and aggregate to ensure everything locks together as it should.

I get a kick out of taking something complex and making it simple. When I head out into the field for a training and installation trip, I view it as a ‘brain dump.’ My professional and personal responsibility is to share all I know with our dealers, customers, and local installation teams. It is a 2 – 5 day process of transferring the ‘thought process’ of road building from in-situ materials into the finished product using AggreBind’s proprietary cross-linking copolymer technology.

The expressions ‘seeing is believing’ and ‘your eyes don’t lie’ ring true every time.

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Keeping it simple! It is our goal to ensure that everyone has access to simple, inexpensive and eco-friendly road building products. What is your next project? We would be happy to show you the alternative.

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