AggreBind Project: Nepal National Highway

Published Date November 5, 2018


Kathmandu, November 5

Nepal highway AggreBind projectStead Fast Nepal Ltd, a domestic private company has introduced the ‘AggreBind soil stabilisation’ technology to metal the country’s roads.

Bringing in expertise from the United States, Stead Fast Nepal has been blacktopping around 430 metres of the road section along the Kalanki-Nagdhunga road as a demonstration to the government of Nepal.

“We have been blacktopping the road section here adopting the AggreBind soil stabilisation technology taking approval from the Department of Roads,” informed Sohan Khadka, operation manager of Stead Fast Nepal and a mechanical engineer by profession.

The technology is ideal for repairing potholes and is achieved by crushing the existing road with an Asphalt Zipper or similar equipment and then soil stabilising it, in situ, with AggreBind soil stabiliser.

As per him, the AggreBind soil stabiliser is an environment friendly solution for road construction and maintenance. “It increases the load bearing capabilities of virtually all onsite soils and waste materials and also provides additional tensile strength that is created by the cross linking of the AggreBind styrene acrylic polymers,” informed Khadka.

As per him, AggreBind soil stabilisation technology primarily uses AggreBind chemicals and polymer at the base of road while blacktopping it against the traditional process of using water and sand.